Reporter Bootcamp: Introduce Yourself


This past Friday myself and a few others headed down to our work’s warehouse to attend a reporter bootcamp for the day. As part of my role, I spotlight various employees from across the globe each week via on-camera interviews.  I’m definitely no expert so this bootcamp was so beneficial, rewarding, and fun!

Anyhow, a few days before the woman who ran the bootcamp reached out to us asking us to put together a minute script introducing ourselves and talking about a meaningful experience that may inspire others.  Of course I wrote this out, but I couldn’t refer to my notes when talking about this out loud (and being recorded to later be critiqued!)  I wanted to share what I wrote with you:

Hello!  My name is Jessica Kline and I started here at EMC 9 months ago.  9 is my lucky number so in telling you a little bit about myself, I am going to reference the number 9 a lot.

Looking back on my life 9 months ago, I would never assume I would be standing where I am today.  I say that because in the matter of a very short amount of time, I moved twice, graduated college, finally beat my dad at a game of Scrabble, said goodbye to an old relationship, befriended an old best friend, discovered my love for cooking, began writing for someone I admire, started my career, and ran my fastest mile.

9 incredible things happened in the matter of one month for me, all of which changed my life for the better.  I am telling you this because I  have always been such a planner and if there is one thing that I have learned in the past 9 months it’s that you really can’t plan for anything, you have to just breathe and enjoy the ride; and the world is at your fingertips if you allow it to be.  A lot has changed but it has grown my character.  So 9 months have passed, and I have a lifetime ahead of me.  I wouldn’t trade a single thing for the world and I’m excited to continue defining my character, my story, and my next 9 life-changing things.


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