6 Weeks In @ EMC

Joe Tucci, CEO, and I

Joe Tucci, CEO, and I

Six weeks ago I began my position as a Marketing Development Associate for EMC on the Executive and Internal Communications team. Better yet, I just say I work on Global Communications at EMC for a sentence shortener.

Five weeks ago I was told I would be taking over the executive’s blog, Reflections, and quickly became completely enthralled in the executive lingo and into our internal brand “You Define”.  Reflections is a compilation of insights from EMC’s executive team on the industry at large.  My role with Reflections is to manage it-everything from the initial contact with the executive team down to approving comments and pushing out the piece to our PR contacts around the world.  On the internal communications side, with You Define, I call it the super fun part of my day.  I am working with an amazing team to create, from the ground up, an internal brand for EMC.  Shockingly enough, we’ve never had one until now!  This is a major aspect of my day-to-day activities but trust me when I say I am never bored…in fact, there is not ENOUGH time in the day!

Three weeks ago I was asked to assist the Director of Executive Communications in an executive matrix messaging system.  Basically, when our executives are talking to anyone from a business analyst to a fellow colleague in the industry, we want to make sure the same message is communicated on all platforms.  Myself and the director are working hand-in-hand in making this happen…Pretty schnazzy.

It’s amazing to be a part of such a well-respected and competitive program in the business world.  Next to my daily activities in my role on the Global Comms team, I am working on a number of other projects as well.  I am consulting for potential patents, get to play the role of reporter as I write banner stories for our internal social site, and will soon be a scribe to our CTO…I am definitely leaving some out.  I cannot stress enough how much experience I am getting and how much fun I am having!

When I sat under the tent at graduation back in May, I cannot for a second sit here and tell you that I knew what I would be doing day-in and day-out at EMC, in fact I cannot even tell you what I’ll be doing tomorrow because it changes every day.

Six weeks has sure flown by.  Today, I walked in to find e-mails of direct orders from our CEO to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge by dumping ice on Dennis Cashman (CFO).  Video to come!  A group of us were asked to dump ice all over the executive team.  Although I am terribly sad that I somehow missed the group picture after, I’m happy Joe asked if I wanted to take a picture with him when he realized I missed out on the group shot.  Yes, I enjoy my job and no Me-Me, just because I work at a technology company does not mean I can find out what you are doing on your machine (computer in Me-Me language).

Here’s to an awesome six weeks and to many more to come!



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