All Moved In


So this is my second official morning waking up in a house that is not my own. I moved! I have to admit, pulling out of the driveway I spent the past 21 years scraping my knees on and covering in colorful chalk definitely made me fill up with tears. I cried from the minute I pulled out of the driveway until I got to Long Wharf on I-95 where I approached traffic and my emotions turned sour quick.

So I made the drive up to my new house in Massachusetts-it’s a townhouse super close to work, which is absolutely perfect. I know, I know, everyone is asking for pictures. I promise I will get them up on here and Facebook, but I am still unpacking. I guess I can organize my “mess” and take a few pictures, despite it not being 100% decorated perfectly yet.

My favorite room has got to be my bedroom and my favorite piece in it so far is actually two decorations: a beautiful seashell garland/valence that Conner made me and a big wooden quote board that Cat and Vicky bought me.

I promise, pictures to come!!


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