My People are Blessings


Lately I have been thinking about all the things and people who make me so grateful to be alive.  I know it’s super cliché but it’s true because as I am beginning my last semester of college, I cannot help but try to the make the best of everything.  So here is another cliché post about the people in my life that are such blessings to me.


My Friends

How lucky am I to have been able to meet such an amazing group of people and stayed best friends with them since freshmen year?  We’ve been there for each other through every success and failure, been there to do stupid things together on the weekends that we will never forget, and been there on those Sunday mornings for a “family” breakfast trip.

Two fabulous women specifically have shared more laughs and tears with me than anyone else.  Lo and Hayley are honestly the most irreplaceable, funnest, weirdest (thank God for that), and honest two best friends I could have ever asked for.  The three of us have been roommates since freshmen year and have been lucky enough to add another 3 girls to share the adventure with.

I’m also super lucky to have met Jamie.  He’s another best friend of mine (Gosh I’m just so popular…).  SInce the minute we met we were laughing and I cannot picture being able to share my career with anyone else.  I cannot wait to get so annoyed of each other in a few months when we will be forced to see each other every day.  I also cannot wait for a million and six more memories and to continue laughing with my best friend.

This wouldn’t be completed without a post shouting out to the 203 girls who get me through each break with way too many laughs and “remember when” moments.  Like DKNY said, “’06, ’07 ’08, ’09 ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13,….” #blessed #cultured #luckyforlife.


My family

I love my family so much.  Through every up and down, especially the most recent years, they’ve been there for everything that I’m too scared to go to my friends for.  They’ve also supplied me with an amazing education that is so valuable moving forward.  My mom is my guiding light at the end of the road with a martini in hand, my dad is the one to remind me to think before doing and speaking, meme is the one to make me realize “it could be worse” or “these are the best days of your life”, Jaci is the one I get to teach lessons to (and laugh and get Panera with), and Poppy is the one looking over me each day.


My Boyfriend

I hate calling you my boyfriend.  It’s so weird to me that that’s the only “label” I am able to give you right now.  Despite the fact I cannot wait for whats to come with you, you always remind me to live in the now.  So yeah right now the “boyfriend” thing works, and it works really well.  But I will continue looking forward to the future with you holding my hand, laughing with me, and making countless memories.  I love you so much and I am SO lucky to have been able to share the past four years with you and even more lucky to share many more!


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