Totally Blessed & Eternally Thankful.


CaptureI am greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved-thankfully, of course.  From receiving an amazing education at an institution which empowers me, to growing up with fabulous vacations and presents under the Christmas tree, I’m materialistically blessed and I know that.

But, this post isn’t so much about the things that make me blessed as much as it is the people who I am absolutely totally blessed to have.  I have to be blunt and just call out three specific people who over the past year has supported me through challenging days, gave me a shoulder during a difficult time, created some of my favorite memories, or have just changed me for the better.

There are, of course, different types of friends.  There are friends which will always be there to hit up the NYC skyline on a Friday night with.  There are friends you have to only see each holiday season and within a few hours you get sick of the sound of their voice.  There are friends you kinda call your school friends and know that during the summer or when you graduate, your paths will probably never cross again.  Then there are your work friends which are kind of the same.   Then, in the case of being blessed, there are a few friends which you know have impacted your life so profoundly that there’s no other reason other than God’s great doing to have them in your life.  These are the type of friends I am talking about.

My Best Friend

Just about 8 years ago, I met my best friend.  How I got by without her prior?  To be determined.  All that matters now, I guess, is that I have her now.  From doing the absolute most ridiculous things that for some reason seemed hysterically funny then, to laying in bed crying screaming at God asking why he had to take away someone so special to us, we’ve been through everything.  She has always gone above and beyond for me, in ways I could never repay her.  She is the absolute most caring and kind woman in the entire world-so humble, generous, and giving in every which way.  She has the largest heart and the widest smile.  Before I get too lovey-dovey, I guess I’ll stop.  Point is that a lot of friends are going to come and go in your life; some which you may never expect to leave will and some which you never expected to meet will come.  When you meet a girl like this, you have absolutely no idea how vital she will be in your life.  Thank you Conner for impacting my life so much that you’ve made me a stronger and more generous woman and friend.  You’ve gave me faith where it felt like there was none left, made me laugh when my cheeks were already sore from silently laughing, gave me support to continue doing “me” and not caring what others think, and taught me the love I give is the love I’ll get. I’m so eternally grateful, and terribly blessed, for having you in my life and I love you terribly for that.

My Sister

A hero is an individual who through their attitude and positive outcomes of struggles has a profound impact on one or more people.  A hero embodies characteristics of determination, kindness, and bravery.  Luckily, I have a hero in my life.  Without going into much detail, my sister has embodied determination, kindness, and bravery where it was difficult, challenging, and even not-necessary.  Through our friendship, not even sisterhood, she has been my backbone which has made me stand a little taller each and every day.  She says I’m her hero because everything I do, I do successfully, but what she doesn’t realize is she is my hero..and for that reason, I am successful.  I’m lucky to have a number of heroes in my life-my grandma,  my late grandpa, my dad, and my mom.  But my sister is a different type of hero because she has gone through more hardships than any average young woman should and through it her and I have become the absolute best of friends.  The amount of respect I have for her is undeniable, the honor I have for being her sister is incredible, and the friendship we have formed is completely inseparable..mostly because we are blood, but for other reasons too ;)  Thank you Jaci for being my hero and for making me exceptionally blessed to have you as my sister and best friend-I love you sissy!

My Boyfriend

Three years ago this totally dorky and immature boy sat next to me in a literary and cultural studies class and changed my life forever.  Today, I’m lucky enough to call this now handsome mature man my best friend and boyfriend.  I don’t want to jump the gun and make my mom scared when she reads this, but I’m also lucky to have met “the one” so early in life.  I’m lucky that I got to spend college with him, grow with him, and share so many memories, which we will be able to laugh and talk about for years and years to come.  I’ve always wanted to fall in love and have it be a complete fairy tale but truth is, there is no written fairy tale here.  We’ve gone through a lot of stupid shit and a lot of tears.  I think God was fooling around to make sure he really made the right choice.  Finally, He realized it and settled down.  The best relationship is one that is rooted in friendship.  Patrick, thank you for being my best friend before I even consider you my boyfriend.  Yeah it’s fun to go on dates with you and cheer to another great year on an anniversary, but it’s all the stuff in between which make me so lucky to have you.  It’s the infinite amount of support and love I get from you.  It’s the way you make me feel as a girl, a friend, a woman, a girlfriend, and encourage me that I’m going to be the absolute best mother and wife around.  You’ve never made me feel less than absolutely the most beautiful girl in the world and have always made me laugh until I pee, literally.  You’ve made me set goals which I would have never set or achieve if you weren’t there pushing me, and have allowed me to challenge you right back.  I’m blessed to be dating my best friend and I love you, and God, for that.


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