MyPath @ Bryant



MyPath is a new program which was a dream of Dr. Thomas Eakins prior to him retiring this past year.  He dreamed of an exploratory student being able to find his or her way through the guidance of his or her peers.  He realized if you are not yet sure about your major or career choice, you’re probably not alone. Many enter Bryant as undecided or exploratory students. To help you make educated choices, MyPath@Bryant offers a comprehensive menu of programs and services!

I was lucky enough to be nominated as a mentor of this program as I faced a difficult time choosing a major and minor.  After many appointments in Undergraduate Advising and many phone calls to different resources in trying to figure out what and how I wanted my undergraduate career to be spent, I finally made my decision.  It seemed like every time I went into Joanne Sciuto’s office (my academic advisor), I had another change of mind on a major.  She always supported my decision, assisted in helping me select the correct classes, and helped me plan my classes for future semesters so I could graduate on time.  I also reached out to professors, my parents, my friends, and even working adults in respective fields!

It took me a while but I finally found my “home”.  I am majoring in management with a double minor in communication and marketing-3 fields of study which I am absolutely passionate about, have fun with, and find a bit challenging!

I am super excited about this program and actually had our first official meeting last night where we took head shots, received our “official t-shirts”, and met one another!  There are about 40 students, juniors and seniors, who were selected because a professor in one of our majors/minors felt as though we represented our major/minor very well and could speak to it in an awesome way!  So, this is a new program, so I cannot really sit here and tell you exactly what I will be doing and when I will be doing it, but I’m excited for the journey.

If you are an underclassmen who reads my blog, never hesitate to reach out to me and ask me questions about my majors/minors or other ones!  Chances are I have friends in all majors and with the MyPath Program, each major/minor is represented..some of which I didn’t even know existed until last night’s meeting (ex: creative writing…SO COOL!).



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