New Motto: From Me, To Me.


photoDon’t overthink it. Jessica, stop overthinking everything with the one person you don’t have to overthink anything with.  Take a few minutes to breathe, smile, and do everything but overthink it.  Enjoy him and stop overthinking things-you’re not in a movie, a cartoon, or a dramatic fairy-tale.

Enjoy breathing.  Stop taking each breath for granted!  I’m not saying you have to stop holding your breath under a tunnel, because let’s face it, that’s fun.  But enjoy your breaths.  Don’t get too anxious when you feel like you can’t breathe in stressful situations because all you have to do is inhale and exhale.  It’s simple.  Enjoy each breath because you never know when it will be your last.

Sleep is worth it.  Sleep is sooooo worth it.  So Jessica, when you’re tired, go to sleep.  You already had mono twice, so you know what it’s like to push your body too much when it just needs rest.  But, also don’t forget that sleep can wait a little bit when there’s a Friends marathon on and all your girlfriends are cuddled up on the couch with margaritas.  Sleep can wait in moments like that!

Go outside.  I can’t stress this one enough to you.  This spring semester, every single chance you get to be outside in the warm sun, do it.  Bring your homework with you but don’t forget to join in a game of kan-jam, enjoy a baseball double-header, and run around in barefeet.  The minute it starts getting warm out, quit working out inside and start cardio outside.  It’s sooo much better…trust me.

Smell the roses.  Jessica, I know you never really knew what this meant until recently.  Just live in the moment and stop to realize how good things are rather than worrying what’s behind the bush, around the corner, or ahead in the future.  I guess this can tie in with don’t overthink it.  Smell the roses, pick a few, and keep them next to your bed!

Laugh at yourself.  I know you are excellent at this.  Don’t hesitate to ever laugh at yourself.  Just picture what you look like when you are so mad that you throw stuff around in your room, or stop your feet.  You look absolutely ridiculous and it’s cute and funny at the same time so just laugh at it…please?

Ask questions.  You already are that annoying girl who sits in the front of class and is constantly raising her hand and contributing to the conversation…so now continue doing that (maybe in a less annoying way) with questions!  Ask questions when you don’t understand something.  That goes for professors and friends.



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