My Study-Here Experience in America


I felt this title was very important because all of my best friends are currently studying abroad!  Conner is journeying through Denmark, Lo will soon be exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Jamie and Zach are having tea with the queen in England, Stacey is packing up her hiking boots to get ready for her semester in New Zealand, and a few of my other friends are studying in Italy, Spain, England, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Amsterdam,…just to name a few.  This semester I am studying right here in Smithfield, RI!

I have to tell you about my experience thus far…you know, update you on my classes I am taking this semester.  Classes began this past Thursday, so I will start there.  8am I had marketing research with Dr. Suki Yoon.  This class will definitely be the most entertaining because Suki is all-around awesome..basically a campus celebrity (literally…my HC girls will catch that one).  9:30am I had human resource management with Dr. Luthar…he may be a bit mono-tone and come off as boring but I love the material I will be learning this semester so that will keep me awake for the most part.  After those two classes, I have a break until 2pm where I am greeted by the very energetic Dr. Coakley for my organizational behavior class.  Saying she is energetic isn’t even the beginning, I LOVE HER!  So those are my classes for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  MWF (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) I have sociology with Professor Ciliberto at 10am followed by language, culture, and communication with Dr. Baran at 11am.  Ciliberto really made sociology come to life in our first class and had us jumping up and down with our hands on our heads (no really) and as Baran went through his syllabus and his cheating policy, he told us to cheat in math but not his class, because nobody understands math but we live his class every day so there’s no reason to cheat…hahaha!  I’ve had Baran before, he’s an awesome guy.

I know it’s a little cliche for people to say how much they love their school, but I really don’t think you understand how much I love Bryant.  I can’t wait to call this my alma mater for years and years down the road, I am so proud.

I absolutely LOVE my classes this semester-each and everyone of them!  My professors are flat-out amazing.  Here at Bryant, they pride themselves on the fact that they aren’t just hiring people to teach from a textbook.  They hire people who are professionals in their area of teaching-each of my professors is considered a professional in their field.  Seeing their name written huge on the textbook is normal.  It shouldn’t surprise you if you enter an intro to business class and hear your professor tell you she ran her own business from the ground up for 15 years, attend an accounting class and have your professor explain how he was CEO of PWC for 29 years, or learn your marketing research professor has a research method named after her….that’s the quality behind Bryant.  Our professors didn’t just get good grades through college, grab a masters degree, and started teaching.  They excelled through college with flying colors, 99.9999999% of them have a PhD in their area, and 100% of them have years and years of experience behind their subject matter.  They aren’t snotty, rude, or think they are better than you.  They all have their office door open at all hours of the day, love to grab coffee with you at a cafe, and don’t just lecture during class from the textbook but talk about their good and bad business experiences and how they relate to the material being taught.  My OB professor gave us her cell phone number to text her for God sakes….

Well this post quickly turned from a “here’s my semester experience thus far” to a “Bryant is the best because..”  Sorry not sorry!

Long story short, my semester is getting off to an amazing start.  I can’t believe I am already a second-semester junior.  Did I mention yet that my sister got into Bryant with a hefty scholarship and is coming here?  Congrats baby girl, I’m so proud of you and cannot wait to share my senior year with my best friend.





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