Why This Semester Absolutely and Positively Sucks.


I could actually probably give you, your mom, your brother, and your neighbor 15.8 reasons why this semester sucks but I guess I can just stick with 1 to keep my complaining to a minimum….my one reason why this semester absolutely and positively sucks?  The work.

The Work

The work this semester is absolutely disgusting.  I have never felt so stressed to the point where I stare at my book and wonder if I am ever going to make it through any of the pages.  Between my 2,000 page legals text to the stupid math in my math book, I’m stressing.  And stressing hard.  Every day it seems as though there is another exam, another presentation, another paper, and another project being handed in.  Every night, I can be found cooped up in the library in leggings and a comfortable sweatshirt slamming my head against my laptop.  The work doesn’t stop.  Ever.  Even as I am sitting here trying to catch a breath of fresh air through writing on my blog, the bottom right hand corner of my screen is piling up with incoming emails from professors giving me the “final tips” on completing their projects and papers…enough already, please.


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