College Epiphany


College is supposed to be the best years of your life.  Four years full of memories, friends, beer, laughs, academic experiences, tears, adventures, stupid nights, and regretful mornings.  Right?

I guess that is probably how the typical college years play out.  For me, it’s so much more.  I had an epiphany at 7:15am this morning as I was carrying my laundry over to the building where I have to do my laundry-I will always remember my college years.  I know it doesn’t sound much like an epiphany but trust me, it was.  And, if you are wondering why I was up at 7:15am then your answer is as good as mine because I have no idea.  I was actually up at 5am but laid in bed for two hours watching How I Met Your Mother.  Anyhow, back to my epiphany.

Walking over to the laundry building, I not only realized what a beautiful day it was, but I also wondered if I would remember that exact walk for the rest of my life.  Everything I do in college, will I remember it for the rest of my life?  Every late night in the library, every “last call” and the lights turning on at the crappy bar down the street, every meal my friends and I cook in our house, every morning I wake up on a hunt of my life for a glass of water and Advil,  every presentation I give, every hand I shake, every walk to my boyfriend’s suite, everything.  Will I remember it all?  Then I began to realize that it would be impossible to forget it.

I can’t sit here, right now, and say college will be the best four years of my life.  How can I possibly say that when I still have so much more to live?  But I can definitely say that 1) it has been the best four years thus far and 2) I will always remember these years.

Every late night at the library results in either an exam grade that makes me thankful I stayed up so late or an exam grade that makes me hit my head against the table and wish I just slept instead.  Every last call with the lights turning on at that dive bar will make me remember that time my friend Hannah hid an empty beer bucket under her shirt and ran out the door.  Every meal my friends and I whip up makes me realize I may actually have a chance of being a good wife when I’m older to cook my hubby some delicious food…or makes me remember the time I made dip with mayonnaise instead of sour cream.  Every presentation I give will remind me of that time my friends and I taught a six-week financial literacy class to Bhutanese refugees and had no idea what we were really talking about (language barriers!).  Every hand I shake is just another door and network for the future and every walk to my boyfriend’s suite will remind me of how awesome it is that I’m dating my best friend.

So I guess I kind of will remember everything.  Even now, laying in my bed, how could I possibly forget my room and the “warmness” of my sheets?  The American flag that hands over my bed will never be put somewhere in the attic, that baby will always come with me.  The quotes I have hanging above my desk?  Those will come with me too.  My roommates?  I may talk to all of them or I may talk to none of them when I’m older but I know, no matter what, that if we all came back it would be like nothing else happened.  We’d still be able to, every Friday and Saturday night, stand on our chair arms and coffee table belching out Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, and Britney Spears at the top of our lungs.  We’d still be able to wake up on Sundays and head off to the diner for brunch.  And we’d still definitely be able to force ourselves to go out on a Thursday night because, what the hell, it’s only college!

So that’s that I guess.  That was my epiphany-my “aaahhhaaa!” moment where I asked myself if I would remember college and realized I’d be silly to forget it.  It’s what is shaping me into the woman I am and am becoming-the tall girl who is president of an organization on campus, the girl who absolutely hates math class, the girl who loves singing Whitney Houston with her girls on the weekends, the girl who loves to cook dinner with her friends, the girl who usually regrets staying up late studying, the girl whose hair is never straight nor curly but more of a surly, and the girl who is eager to shake her next hand.

That’s why I’ll remember college, because all these things it is making me will be with me forever.

Thanks Bryant, you’re giving me the best four years of my life……..(thus far).


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