This Semester


Well it’s pretty apparent by now that I am either a terrible keeper-upper with my blog, or just a crazy busy girl.  I’ll take both of those. Every day as I pass people, animals, buildings, cars, pretty much anything for that matter which would make a great story I jot it all down in the notes section of my phone.  Too bad I couldn’t just upload straight from there without feeling guilty of the extra “s” in words like as or the haha! changed to HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…all due to auto-correct of course.

With that said, my deepest and sincere apologies go out to this blog for not keeping up with it like I used to my other one.  It’s a mix of the ironic busyness of summer, the lack of energy to email myself my “notes”; transfer them to WordPress; and then proceed to grammar check everything, or maybe I just don’t like to write anymore…haha that’s a good joke.

Well of course it’s 5:50 am and what else could I possibly be doing at this hour than writing up some HC articles, building my Jurassic Park (yes, I’m obsessed with this app), and sending off emails?  Nocturnal I tell ya.  Anyhow, so as I was feeding my Baryonyx and collecting from my Pachycephalosaurus’ , I really got to thinking about what my goals were for this year.  So simply put, they are listed below…ciao!

  1. Keep in Touch
  • There’s no real reason that I don’t talk to Ashley and Conner as often as I would like other than the quick “I just got an awesome (or terrible) grade!”, “I feel so sickkk”, “Wait…last night?” or “I want to go home..let’s go this weekend.”  I know the three of us couldn’t be any busier between Conner balancing like six jobs, Ashley spending her life in the engineering building, or me bouncing back and forth between group project meetings but I think it’s so important to keep in touch with those who you hold close to your heart.  Making this my number one goal; keep in touch with my two best friends!

2.  Score a Spot on The Dean’s List

  • Every semester my gpa seems to be anywhere from .1-.3 shy of making Dean’s List…I’ve made it once. If you have any idea how frustrating this is then you should be making this goal too.  I work my @$$ off every single day to make HC awesome, hand in that A worthy project, and be the person I think the world may benefit from in a small way…so why have I only seemed to make the Dean’s List once?  Your answer is as good as mine because I always am shy of it.  What else would my second goal be?

(P.S. these goals are listed in any specific order I just think it sounds more authentic, sophisticated, and real if I end each goal with why it is the number it is…duh!)

        3.  Make Her Campus a Prominent Organization on Bryant’s Campus

  • Her Campus is the organization I am not only co-president of but also the organization which I have the most passion for.  I have never loved anything as much as I loved this, sorry sis, so making it the best is a responsibility I am definitely willing to take.  Making HC a prominent organization on campus means our member size needs to at least triple, our articles need to have a weekly spot on the national page, and our members need to love HC as much as Devon (my other co-prez) and I do…a challenge that definitely deserves a spot on my goal list!

4.  Always Remember to Have Fun

  • As important as it is to make sure your school work comes before fun and games, it’s also just as important to always make time for fun and games.  I loved how I “rolled” last semester.  I made sure I always enjoyed my friends but still stayed in on the weekend when it was needed.  I want to do that this year except more.  I have an awesome schedule that shouldn’t stop me one bit from enjoying a good ol’ Thursday night with my friends and still going to class Friday morning.  I’ve made a goal to go out at least two weekdays a month.  I know it sounds cheesy but a college gal needs to go crazy every once in a while and celebrate all she has accomplished..that’s if I have finished all of my work of course!  The old weekend motto still sticks too; work hard, play harder but never underestimate the “coolness” to stay in on a weekend to get all your work done…okay, I’m a geek.

5.  Do Me

  • Too often have I found myself worried about everyone else’s happiness in the world rather than my own.  Definitely not allowing this to happen this semester!  As important as it is to care for those around you, it’s important to care for yourself.  I don’t want to fall back into the norm of tears, heartache, and stress.  I’m doing me this semester; I’m going to spoil, reward, and love me more than anyone else on the planet..selfish? Yup!  With that said, I’d rather just fall in chocolate than damn love.

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