My Name


So I never really was fond of my name until about, well, now I guess.  I always hated the name Jessica for some reason and just believed it to be one of those names that is just annoying to hear..I think Laguna Beach did that for me where the character Jessica was such a train wreck.  Anyhow, it wasn’t until now that I literally love my name.  I have even moved on from being called “Jess” to “Jessica”.  Literally, I woke up one morning last semester and demanded everyone call me by my full name.

With that said, I (am loving this) stumbled across the definition of my name on Urban Dictionary.  Urban Dictionary may not have the professional definition for every word but it’s the modern definition.  The definition in which everyone suddenly goes “ohhhh okay now I know what that means”.  Because let’s be real, Webster can still leave us looking up words within words.  Well, here it is…(and I LOVE it).


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