From the Tablet; Dragonfly


Well this is my first post on something other than my Thinkpad…tonight I’m lounging in bed on my sister’s iPad!  I have the coolest (well to me it is) story to tell.  P.S don’t mind any grammar mistakes as I am not entirely used to writing an entirepiece in this thing.

Back to my cool story…I had the day off so for four hours I treated myself to some much needed relaxation poolside. I had my feet dangling in the water, a tall glass of ice, and some country music playing. The clouds were like cotton candy and the space between each was the bluest of blue. The sun definitely left some kisses on my skin because my tan lines are definitely more evident. So anyhow, I’m relaxing by the pool singing some Zac Brown Band when all of asudden a large dragonfly brushed my left shoulder and fluttered into the pool. It was as thick as a fat black sharpie, had wings the size of leaves, and sped around like a hummingbird. It tapped the water here, then jumped to there, and fluttered to over there. It was dancing around the water in perfect timing to the music. I couldn’t help but laugh and intently watch this little guy. He was awesome. The way he flew around like a nervous wreck, diving down so fast and precise that he just skimmed the water, and shooting back up with such confidence was pretty darn cool.

Of course this whole time so many questions arose in my head; 1) is this a guy or a girl..but because I found him cute I decided he was a boy. 2) why are they called dragonflys…illvhave to do some research on that. And 3) what is their memory span…research pending here too.

Well that’s my story.


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