According to dictionary.com, exhaustion means extreme weakness or fatigue.  I don’t really think that even begins to describe how my body feels; definitely more than exhaustion.

I have been so “all over the place” this summer that I really haven’t given my body too much me time.  I can’t say I never get a chance to cuddle up in bed because in fact, I’m doing that right now.  But it’s not relaxing when you are spending your “cuddle” time sending emails to and fro; writing up press releases, blog posts, and newsletters; and creating word documents that are at a minimum of 30 pages of tutorials, plans, and other fantastic stuff that every other college girl spends her summer making…right?  God, I’m far from normal.

Well, long story short, I’m more than exhausted.  I guess it’s a good thing.  It’s keeping my mind off of any negativity and is definitely preparing my body for this coming year.  I bet once December hits I will look back on this summer and laugh and say “wait, I thought I was exhausted..look at me now.”  Oy vey.



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