The Power of Independence


July 4, 1776.  The day our country, The United States of America, found independence buried deep within the earth’s crust and became, well simply put, free.  Absolutely free.  Freedom was always free but America ran until they saw that…and when they saw it?  Grabbed it.  Snatched it up.  Like nothing no other country has done before.  What a great feeling.  It had to be!

The power of independence is not something that you can see every day; ironic in this country, ain’t it?  But when you do see it, or feel it, or hold it, it’s pretty damn awesome.  Look at Tavi Gevinson-I’m pretty positive her parents aren’t so happy with the fact that this 16-year-old is ruling the fashion world.  But somehow, Tavi found her independence and literally just finished up a fashion tour.


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