My Own Little Tipping Point


How many of you have read The Tipping Point?  It’s an absolute must-read by Malcom Gladwell about how the smallest things can make a big difference.  I am entering the end of the book but have already discovered that every where I go (lately) I find some way to relate it back to a “this happened because of this…”  I was always a believer of everything happens for a reason but lately I really, and I mean really, believe it.

It all started a few weeks ago when I had my own little tipping point.  Around 2:30 am I felt this knot well up in my heart and get tied extremely tight.  It was like I couldn’t stand up straight, no literally I collapsed on my floor and my mom still makes fun of me for it.  I had a tipping point there.  My own little tipping point.

All of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach; I ran to the bathroom and sure enough got sick.  I laid in bed staring at the ceiling wondering where I went wrong and how I deserved this.  Then I remembered what had happened a few hours before; my collapse.  I started laughing..hysterical laughter may I add.  How could I, a soon-to-be junior in college who is doing more than any other college girl would dream of collapse?  How could I just throw myself down into the dirt like that?  If I was going to get thrown rocks at me then I sure as hell have the intelligence, wit, and strength to pick up a boulder and chuck it back.  How did I let myself get to the point of unhappiness I was in?  I needed to fight back and stand tall-and by stand tall I mean I needed to buy another pair of heels!  (Shopping cures all)

My tipping point.  I needed a lot of small things to happen to build up to that exact night at 2:30 am.  If they didn’t happen I don’t think the big difference would have happened which I now call my life.  I was on the phone with my friend last night and laughing with some tears on how many doors have opened since that night.  She said to me, “Jessica you’re the type of woman that when one door closes, seventy-three swing open.  That’s just you, but you never realized it.  I’m happy with everything that happened to you no matter how happy or unhappy, or loved or unloved you were..if none of that happened, all seventy-three of these doors that are open for you right now may be locked with the key missing.  I just can’t believe we all saw this before you because you are one lucky girl who has the world at her feet.”

I believe everyone has a tipping point at one point of their life or another; a time when a small action takes place that leads to something much bigger.  It’s pretty cool.  I’m high on cloud nine and I don’t see myself coming down anytime soon.  I’m being extremely cocky about it too and I found myself not caring what anyone thinks because this is my happiness, this is what makes me me, and what gives my tipping point meaning.


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