I am very, very, very determined to go abroad this coming summer.  My plans were to study abroad this coming spring in London, England but money has put  stopped completely killed that idea.  My parents work very hard at what they each do but are unable to give me the opportunity to go abroad like most other parents give their kids.  I am in no way complaining because I absolutely love to do things for myself so this my friend is the perfect opportunity for me to really prove to my parents that I am ready for the real world and save up enough money to not only go abroad but to experience the best opportunity of my life.

I came across, on Pinterest of course, this blog called Blissful and Domestic.  The woman behind the writing is a young mother and wife who pretty much has the answers to life; she budgets her family of four on a mere $14k a year….yes $14k.  How amazing is that?  They don’t live in the dumps, aren’t in debt, and don’t starve every day.  Her husband (or hubby as she refers to him) used to be (or maybe still is) in the military.  Living paycheck to paycheck they finally realized they couldn’t do that anymore.  There was no way the US government was going to give each military personnel a million bucks, so they turned to budgeting.

I am learning a lot about it and can proudly sit here and say I am going to do it.  No more Panera runs, buying a pair of shoes because the heel is so cute and high, and definitely no more credit cards.  I want to keep you guys updated on my “budgeting” experience in hopes that you will want to do it!

I need to save up money because studying abroad, with my best friend in case I forgot to add that, is an opportunity that I will not be passing up.  I work way too hard in school and out to just let money get in my way of exploring a country in which I will probably never get the opportunity to explore again.

My first step will be sitting down with my mom and freezing my credit card.  I don’t want my baby (yes, I love my AMX) to go away forever, but for right now, I don’t need a gold card that shines every time I see something I want.

Who’s in with me?!


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