Today Doings


Today has been and will continue to be nothing but busy!  I woke up at 730 and jumped onto Her Campus to upload some content.  You should totally check it out!  Normally during the summer Her Campus goes down and sort of just “freezes” until school starts up back again, however you do have the option to “unfreeze” your page and write!  My co-president came up with the idea to write a freshmen blog series revolving around all the things incoming freshmen are nervous about or have questions about.  The blog series is called My Story and will be written in a very personal aspect that most can relate to.  Here’s the link to our first post, tell me what you think about it:

After throwing that up on our website, I did some planning for the retreat that will be hosted at my house in just a few weeks and then uploaded some content for my Amber Blue internship.  The rest of the day just gets a little bit crazier…I have a lot of chores to do around the house, have to do my eyebrows and nails, have a 3pm conference call with Amber Blue, and then have to jump on a train to head over to a Her Campus event tonight with Hilary and Bri!

That is pretty much my agenda for the day….it’ll be over before I know it.


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