Climbing Up


Climbing up to the top of anything in life takes a lot of cockiness, control, and risk.  I’ve recently found myself with more confidence than my little body can handle, the need to take control of many situations, and the thoughts of risking some things for others.  I don’t plan to sit in the back row for the rest of my life, or even the front row.  I want to be the one standing up there with the front row watching intently.  I want people to judge me; for some to love me and some to hate me, for some to care less what I do and others to beg to see more.  Majoring in management, I’ve decided I don’t just want to manage a store, I want to manage an entire company.  Majoring (yes, double major) in marketing, I’ve decided I don’t want to just lead up the social media and/or other marketing efforts of a small business, I want to head the marketing department in a corporation.  I want to have that office that overlooks an entire city while still holding that feel of serenity.

I think I may be asking for a lot but it’s nothing I can’t grab by the lapels and run with.  My friends have their hands full with me, my professors love having me in class, my parents try to keep up, and the businesses and people I help out are continually ecstatic by my every move.  I may be driven to succeed and full of that rush to keep climbing up but I never let any of that come in between catching a movie with my dad, watching Friends all night with my mom, painting my nails with my sister, grabbing dinner with my boyfriend, escaping for the weekend with my friends, or finding a little “me” time with a cat nap or shopping spree.

I’m climbing up and I’m getting there fast.  I’m sure it will all come to a pause and make me wonder if I am making the right choices but as soon as that “play” button gets pressed I’ll be ready for it all again.

How am I climbing high?  This summer I have made the decisions to make the most out of it in every way possible.  Some of it was unexpected but at the end of the day it has been all I have had in mind plus more.  With so much going on through Her Campus (organization I am President for at my school), my internship, and writing, I am very proud of myself-cocky, in control, and taking risks.


3 thoughts on “Climbing Up

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