Ups and Downs


These past few days life has had its way with me in showing me so many ups and downs.  I worked one too many hours in no air conditioning during a heat wave, celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday which went more ways left than right, and found myself in a nasty fight with my parents.  I’ve been known to cry pretty darn well and let’s just say the past few days have left my eyes huge and red.  Visine may or may not have recently become my new best friend.  But, somehow I am still sitting here when everything is going wrong and figuring out that one way in which things went right….this is what I have found:

  • Working a lot of hours has turned into a lot of money
  • Solving things with my boyfriend has just made us an even more awesome team
  • And well fighting with my parents has yet to be resolved so more on that some other day…

It’s really important to find the “ups” in a “down” situation, and it’s really hard.  Whenever I get upset over something or someone, I try to remember how quickly life changes and how that situation or purpose may no longer be in your life in the morning.  Remembering this little fact of life forces me to look for those “ups” in life and get the courage to face the situation or person and make it right.

So yes, these past few days life has most definitely showed me lots of ups and downs but as the weekend is coming to an end I am trying and beginning to look for the ups and move on from those downs.  After all, the past is the past..right?


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