New York City


I knew my day was going to be nothing but a whirlwind as I sat on my 11 o’clock train this morning headed south to The Big Apple.  My seat on the train happened to be facing the ticket machine as the train patiently waited for those typically “late people” to run down the platform and jump over the “gap” and into the train.  I couldn’t help but laugh as the conductor came over the loud-speaker and announced “…once again this is an express train to Grand Central…” This meant the doors would be closing any second now and even if your umbrella was sticking out of the doors at departure, you were doomed.  This older gentleman ran up to the ticket machine, ran his fingers over the touch screen faster than someone playing Temple Run, slid his credit card in just as quickly as he removed it, and then (this is where it gets funny) began to literally punch the machine.  I mean literally punching it.  Did he know the machine was not going to print his ticket any faster?  Luckily that man made it on the train…I wonder how the rest of his day went.

Anyhow, from that incident on I knew I was going to have an interesting day.  I had to go into the city to meet up with the owner of a company I am interning with this summer.  She had me meet her over at the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle…if any of you know anything about NYC it’s that Grand Central Station and Central Park are a good distance away from each other (Columbus Circle is near Central Park and Grand Central is where the train gets in).  Of course it is raining out so naturally I forgot my umbrella and raincoat, I am wearing my favorite oxfords, and my briefcase, blazer, and hair disliked absolutely hated the rain.  Oh I forgot to mention that I did walk down into the Subway (to cut time), bought a ticket, and then got scared and ran back up where life seemed more “me”.  So if anyone is looking to snag a MetroCard with a one-way pass left on it, feel free to reach into my wallet and take it because I don’t see myself down there anytime soon.

Side note: the meeting went amazing!  I am so so so excited to not only help this company grow and get off on a strong foot but also to gain so much real-world experience.

I always thought I would love to work in the city and I think today changed my mind.  That was, however, until I got on the train and witnessed two women down each other’s throats with some lovely verbal abuse.  I decided I would love to work in the city..strange right?  I think working in an environment where every single day is something new-whether the Starbucks in your building decides to give you your Mocha Chai Latte for free or you run into some rough play on the public transportation-gives you so much real world experience.  It’s nothing like being thrown into the cow fields of Pennsylvania.  The business world in NYC is so thriving, demanding, intimidating, and fast-paced.  EVERYTHING I love plus more.

A day in NYC is never the same and today definitely proved that.


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