The Dating Game


Dating can be the most miserable, stressful, and chaotic time of your life.  Or it can be the best.  The choice is really yours when you come down to it-and the lucky man who gets you!  The whole dating idea is such a difficult field to play in.  Alright, I grew up a dancer so give me a break when I am making this analogy between a sports field and dating.  To me, a once-dancer, a basic sports field goes a little bit like this:  You have two sides; both identical but both holding different teams.  Starting from the center, you have a circle sort of thing…this is where one team gets the ball on their side of “the court” over the other team.  From here you have a pretty large amount of space before their is the goal.  Where from then, if the ball makes it into the goal, the ball gets passed onto to the other team.  It’s a back and forth game, fighting over the ball, and seeing who can “one up” the other.  Sort of like dating.

Relax, the part of the analogy that makes it all connect is coming up next.  Okay so like said before, there are two sides in a field-both identical but holding different teams.  Two people-both human but one male and one female-BAM!  First part complete.  Next you have the center.  This is where the couple begins their journey.  Who is going to grab the ball and run with it?  Will it be the guy with his charming looks and personality that distracts the other teams attention while he grabs the reigns of the relationship or will it be the girl with her sassy attitude and drop-dead gorgeous looks?  Hmmmm…..look at that!  The girl grabs the ball and just like that, the court is hers for the taking.  (Note: I am not using this as a “whip” factor or any sort of nonsense like that.  I don’t believe in “whipping” any guy or having him by a string, that’s unrealistic and really won’t make a good relationship, well any good.  I am simply saying the girl takes the ball just to get some power on the female population!)  Okay so the girl grabs the ball.  From here on out it will be her decision where she goes, what she does, and how she does it.  She has to get to the goal-make herself happy while still making her man want that same power.  Woman 1 Man 0; now it’s up to the man to grab the ball and run with it.  His turn to plan out his gameplay to win his woman’s heart-will it be through the cash in his wallet or the creativity department in his brain?

The dating game.  Dating is such a game.  But like I said, it can either be the best or worst time of your life.  My tip is to try your best to go with the best.  Make sure you always are sharing the ball with your guy.  Don’t ever let him forget how much you loved the note he left you, how great he looks in that v-neck, or even how much he means to you!  Don’t always make him chase for you.  Guys will get tired of this.  Sure it’s good here and there to “leave your phone at home” or “just notice his missed call” but don’t wrap him in so tight that you control his every movement. One of my biggest pet peeves is to see a girl take her man by the hair and just drag him along, controlling everything he does.  It’s the most foul and unattractive thing a woman can do, in my opinion at least. Men can be pretty predictable-we know their game plan, but don’t take advantage of that.  Of course you can never let them know your own, and let’s face it ladies, they never will really know what goes on in our minds (do we even know?)  But just because men are predictable doesn’t mean you should be taking every game for the win.  Let him jump in and grab that ball-men love feeling like they scored the winning goal!  So let him feel that way, give him the ball, but don’t ever let him underestimate your game face…win the dating game but don’t forget a loss here and there is pretty swell too.

P.S. Read up on Vodka Vendettas blog.  It’s totally sassy, funny, and entertaining.  They have a lot of great tips for dealing with the men in your life. A lot of their stuff comes off as a little too much for some to handle but if you really read in between the lines, they have great tips!


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