The Girly Girls


It’s pretty awesome to have a solid group of friends.  Would you agree?  Honestly, how lucky am I to have a group of girls who I kind of already know they will be there for me through a lot of bad stuff, and a lot of good stuff?  Pretty lucky I would say.  My friends and I have been through a lot.  I’ve known this group of girls since freshmen year of high school and we’ve been through everything from break-ups and death to nights of laughter and memories.  Here’s a little tip for any girl out there: find someone, or a few people, who you can trust to no end.  It doesn’t matter what they look like, what they see in a guy, or even the type of background they come from.  If at the end of the day they will be by your side then keep them around.  As I grow older, my friends and I drift apart a little.  We all come from different towns in my state, all go to different colleges, and all have “new” lives now.  Who is taking on an internship, who is working the same old crummy summer job as before, and who is living elsewhere in the US for the summer-we’re all busy!  What’s nice is to still be able to share all of our high school memories and make new college ones with each other!  We still get together throughout the week but it isn’t the same as it used to be in high school where everyone was around all the time.  It’s different now but our bond hasn’t really changed.  I still love those girls like I did since the day I met them-no matter what we have gone through!  Friends are so hard to find, and when you do find them, they are even harder to keep.  How lucky am I to have a group of friends who I can in fifteen years still call them and share a few laughs?  Pretty lucky.

So to all my girly girls from home-welcome home for the summer!  I wish all of you the best and best and best of luck during your internships, jobs, and other great opportunities!  I can’t wait to spend the weekend at Kris’ lake house with y’all and even more excited to share some great summer memories.  To friendship!


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