First of Many Firsts


June 1st….wait what?  How is it already June?!  Or better yet…summer anyone?  My life is a whirlwind, your life is a whirlwind.  That’s why I write.  Every woman has a crazy life-from the little chica shaking her thing at Carnival in Brazil to the mom of four in Maine.  My name is Jessica, for those of you who just randomly came across this and aren’t quite sure who this person writing to you is.  I’m a woman, not quite the feminist but I totally embrace being a girl.  So with that said, I’m a college gal with a knack for writing and love it more than anything!  I am very involved in my school, love hanging out with my friends, and love spending time with my family.  Let me make a shout out to my boyfriend before he sarcastically says, “I LOVED your shout out to me!” hahaha, kidding Patrick!  I love hanging out with him too..a lot.  Anyhow, I love to write and I love my life.  What makes it even better is people seem to love being in my life and love reading my writing.  Is that cocky?  Clearly I don’t care.  So this is the first (uh-hmmm June 1st duh!) of many firsts.  This is my first blog post on this blog and I couldn’t be more excited to carry my passion over to another world called the internet.  I haven’t quite figured out what I want to write about.  I don’t tend to make my blogs have any sort of theme but this one might…actually, probably not.  Yeah definitely not.  You’ll see a lot of, “hey this is what I did today” and even more of “okay so listen to what just happened to me.”  You’ll definitely see pictures, quotes, and songs.  Oh and you will definitely see a lot of “boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, girls go to college to get more knowledge!”  Okay, so here we go…..ready?  


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